Camp 23rd.. Regt.N.C. Troops
near Orange C.H .V.A.
Dear Mit January 5th.. 1864
your highly appreciated and most
welcome letter dated 30th.. came to hand this morning
I can asure you that its contents was duly noted. and
carefully perused ove with great delight. I am well
and harty and as lively as you ever knew enyone to
be in the same condition. I would have not
answerd your letter this evening if it had not ben
that I thought that I could be benifited by the operation
I must tell you the last and latest order that wee have
received is that if enyone soldier will get A recruit to
joyn eny Co or Regt he will get thirty days foulough
by the operation. well know those men that hired
substistutes and have never ben in cervis durring the
war have know got to come into the field and very
likely by A little persuasion they might come to this
Regt or .Co. and if not they could have choice of thir own
Co. but he has got to be and able boddied an helthy
man and he must not be A desarter of eny other disgraceful
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thing well Pappa if you will get up A recruit
for this Co and send him on sometime soon it
will certainly cause me to get one month to stay
at home and have the pleasure off spending some
few happy hours with you all. eny man that
has got to go into the field under this last law
I would suppose that most eny one would come to
this noted .Co . you and Brother might get one
by trying and if you do try and be succesful in
the attemp. write me word so I can show it
to the officers and then when he arrives at the
said place I will get the foulough. know I have
wrote this letter the first one in the company
I believe that nearly all is going to try the experiment
if you fail it makes no diferance and if you suceed
it will be good on my side for I would like very
well to come home and see you all so you must
excuse me for A short letter as I have written
6 or 7 to one that I received yours this morning
So write soon and I will do likewise. so I remain
as ever your Son and Brother J.. F.. Coghill

January 5, 1864


Company G, 23rd NC Infantry
Private to Corporal


Jonathan Fuller Coghill's Sister


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May, 2011
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