Camp 23rd.. Regt N.C.T.
Near Strasburg V.a
Oct the 19th.. 1864
Dear Pappa Ma and Mit
As there has nothing
of special interest occured since my
last letter. I have concluded to
write you A few lines mearly for
amusement. those few lines will
not be interesting to you for my
mind is wandering on various subjects
Therefore it will be almost imposible
for me to settle my mind on one
particular Subject. but first I will
mention Something in regard
to the destruction of the Valley.
While the Yankees was on there
raiding excursion they received
special orders to burn and distroy
everything that was in thier power
they carried out their orders in
the most redicalous manner
[page 2]
they burnt every barn and A
good meny private buildings all
now lyes in desolation.. wheat and
meny other things that had ben put
away for the perpose of Sustaning
human person from starvation
was burnt or takend.. those
families will feel the deed of their [deed = need?]
provision before their wheat comes
in again. this is the fruit of
warfare and especially in A country
where the abolition foe is coupying [occupying]
you I will say something about
the news of the day this morning
wee ware orderd to be ready to leave
at daybreak So wee made every
necessary preperation for the movement
wee commenced our march nearly
at the appointed time but did not
get very far before wee ware orded
back so wee came back to same
persition I do not no for what perpose
[page 3]
wee marched out for the enemy
is very near us and has A strong
persition I concluded that wee was
going to attact them but wee didnt
it is getting rather cool to fight
in my estermation. the winter has
come again with all its harse
the cold and chilly winds the beetting
rains and drifting snow will soon
be comming. The frost has ruined
all the farmers cane that they intended
to make molasses out of.. I will mention
that I heard from Col C.C. Blacknall
yesterday he was very bad off
his wound was very painfull and he
was suffering A great deal from it he
is at Winchester.. Well I recond
I had as well commence drawing my
letter to A close remember my love
to all my kindred So I close by
Subscribing myself as ever your most
affectionate Son and Brother J.. F.. Coghill

October 19, 1864


Company G, 23rd NC Infantry
Private to Corporal


Joseph W. Coghill's father
Jonathan Fuller Coghill's Sister
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North Carolina
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May, 2011
Michael Ellis
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June, 2011

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