Camp..23rd.. Regt NCT
New Market V.a
Dear Mit Oct the..27th..1864
It was indeed A
Sorce of enjoyment to me on last
evening to receive A letter from
you barring date the .17th. and in
all candor I can verify that its
contents was carefully peraised over
and over. it releived my dissatisfied
mind A great deal for the reson
Rat received A letter A few days past
Stating that Pappa had ben orderd
out and had gone to Goldsboro.
this report was calculated to disturb
my mind and it did very much
although it seemes that it is A
general thing in old Granville
from what I can learn every person
has ben orderd out. I suppose to
protect her beloved soild from the
hostile foe that is threatening her with
[page 2]
delapidation.. I am ever willing
that her native soil be protected
against the bruteless invader that
has been endevaring for the last
three long years to bring her into
Subjection. (but I am pround to
say that patritism yet wells in
the hearts of those that she has sent
orth to battle for her rights and
inderpendance.. and I do humbly
pray and hope that wee may .ere.
long triumph over our enemies
that is ?>aking the ruin of A once
happy people..but now envolved
in warfare. and in all probibility
which will finally prove the ruin
of both nations . in my estimation
now I will say to Pappa that I
want him to remain at home just
as long as possible for he has no
business going state my desire
for him to stay at home
[page 3]
for he can accomplish and do
more good there than he can by
offering his servises in the field
he is not sufficient to stand the
ills and privations of camp life
therfor remain at home for me
sake if you posibly can .. I am
very glad that Mr Stewart had
the privilige of staying at his
residence.. Well Mit you said
that Uncle William Coghill had
returned from yankedom
looking very badly I am glad
that he has arrived safte at home
I would be happy to see him
give him my kindest regards
and all the family I am sorry
indeed to here of Macon being
so low in health I am inhopse
that he will soon recover and
enjoy the blessing of good health
I must Commence drawing
[page 4]
my letter to A close so give
my Love to Mr Fullers
family also to Mr. Stewarts
Family and Mr. Ellingtons
and to all my Kindred So I
must close hoping to here
from you soon nothing more
but remaining as ever your
Benevolent Brother
J. F.. Coghill

I forgot to tell you
that I was very proud of
your postage stamps you stated
that you havent heard from >
Hunt he is A prisioner so you
can inform his mother of it
Rat is well

October 27, 1864


Company G, 23rd NC Infantry
Private to Corporal


Jonathan Fuller Coghill's Sister


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North Carolina
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May, 2011
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