Procters Creek. Va
oct the 5 1862
Dare fother and mother brothers
and sisters I this sabbath moring take
my pen in hand to in forme you
that I ame we[ll] hopeing when thes few
lines comes to hand they may find you
all well and doing well We are stationd
nere drures blufs one a nice place the
helthe of houre compeny is good at
this We have good Water here We have
one pound of flower per day and one half
pound of meet I ame well satis fied here
We expect to put up winters qarters here
at this plase they say old mur clen [1] is
this sid of the per tom arch [2] with too
aundred thousan men and we have
one haindred and thurty thouson I
expect thar will be a fight ther
be fore long I cant tell they are in
sixe miles of one an nother they will
ther wase too men shot at rich mond
laste night for des sertine this is a
[page 2]
hard place to live here a soldiers
life is a hard one no man nose what
he has to go thrught when he a way
from home you all thincke you have
hard times ther but you dont now
what hard times un less you wase here
I thought I seed hard times when I wase
at home but I did not see any thing to
Whate I see here I should like to see
you but if never see you any more I hope
We will meete one canonse bless shore where
sicness nor sorrow never comes and
parting is no more I hope I will get to come
home a boute chris mas if not be fore
I heard from Johns the other day he
is at pearese citty in I have
thing is hi here s[??] is worth 25 per quarte
chickens half groan is worthe $100 [3]
but as for brandy we cant get that it
is worth ten collars a quarte I want you
to send me some if you can fore I hant hade
much sense I lefte home I want
you to rite to me soon and tell me
all the newses there is going
[page 3]
Want to now wether Jef Bing more
is goane to the ware and if he is not
we will have him if we have to come after
him I must come to a close for we
have to gone dreess per rade
So fare well fore this time direct
youre letters to procters creek va in
chire of col shover co H 2 Nc Battalion

Isek Copland To H C
Copland John Wash burn

his hand rite he send his best
respects to you all and wishes to be
remembered by you all so fare well

We hav prare in camp eve night we have
too prechers here all the time a praying
for peese and we think we will have
peese in a shore te time we think we will
hav pes be tween now and chris mas if
not be fore

  1. Gen. George McClellan
  2. Potomac River
  3. one dollar
October 5, 1862


Company B, 2nd NC Infantry


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North Carolina
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Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
November, 2010
Michael Ellis
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November, 2010

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