Nove the 4 1862
Deare fothere and mothere brothere
and sisters one time more take my pen
in hand to rite you now that we are
well hope ing when those few lines
comes to hand they may find you
well and doing well [????] [fold in page ]
to rite to you this this time we expect
to leeve her to morrow we will go a
bout too miles from this place
one the Breste works we hav gote
hourse gunes and I think they are good
ones we had gote some clothing and
we will gete some more be fore long
we will take upe winter quarters
ate thate plase we have
[???] and we are all redy fore
a fite I wante to come home at
chrismas if I cane gite a ferlow times
is [??] at this time I think some
of us can gite a ferlow at chris
mas if note be fore
[page 2]
tho I cante tell [???]ll gote [ink very light on first four lines]
to[??] I want you all to rite to me
this makes [???] I have rote to you and
have note reseived the first line
from you yete I wante you to sende
me my Boots and some socks the
firste chance we have hade some
snow here it wase a bout shoe
moth deep Brandy is worthe
40 dollars a gallon and we
hante hade none yet I wante
you to sende me some fore we cant
give that prise fore hit I have
rote fore some and hante gote
none yet I wante to now wether
you have gote any letters from
Johns latly or note I hante
herde frome hime in a boute
too weekes and if you have
I wante you to rite to me
where he is we herde the
electe tion come off the dem
ocrates ganede the day By a
large major ity fore peese
[page 3]
we expecte some where
close to this place Be fore
long tho we cante tell wher
hite will Bee we are Jefs
pen now we are in the Breste
works that leeds frome
drues Bluff to Peters Burg
and I donte think the yankes
cane whipe us here if they
do we hade jeste as well
give ite upe and call of the
doges and quite the hunte
we have harde times here
we ha[s?]e leen Beef and corne Bred
Brande and all some times
a little flowere with worms
in hite a inch long and
note half a nuff of hite
I donte wante you to sell any
corne foer hit is genley Be
leived that there will Be
a fam mon in army if the
ware holds on tell next
Sprange and peaple cant
[page 4]
Plante corne it is ten
dollars 10 abushel
So I muste come to a
Close so no more only
I remane your Sone tell
deth rite soon and of ten
ISeke Copland
To Hare din Copeland

November 4, 1862


Company B, 2nd NC Infantry


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North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
November, 2010
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2010

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