KingSton Nc feb The 26 1863
Dear father and
mother I imbrace the opper tunity of
droping you a few lines to inform
you that i am well with the
of [?????] Cold hope these
fw lines will find you all well
and harty father i want to hear
from you and ma in my life if
i ever Can any more fo i haint
never receivd a line from you yet
sinc i left home and i think if you
ever aim to write to me any
you had better git a bought it for
pees will Be made if you don’t
shirtly and it would be a disgrace
to you all your life affer the war is
over Just to think that you have
got as good a looking son in the
army as i am and haint never
got a scratch of a pen from
his father yet after beeing gon eight
[page 2]
months from his father and mother
i have lookd for a letter tell i have
injured my eyes verry much by it an
i want to look and see on Com
in a fw day fo god sake dont delay
the time no longer if you pleas
remember that i think somthing of
you all and i dont want to be
intirley for gottan by you all if
i aint a dooing you no good
know i have don you good and
will a gain if i live so you may
set that down on yor books i
have no newes to write to you
at the present eney more than all
of the Compay is in Common helth
at the present B F Wood is well
and as fat as a pigg he sends you
his best love and res pects to you
all he says he thinks that you and
him will drink some more appul
Jack to gether a gin be fore long
[page 3]
the times is hard heare at this
place there is nothing to eat nor
to drink i beleave that it is
the driest place that every
in my life but i exspect
that it is a getting that
way a most every whar in
the Contry some seemes to
think that pees will be mad
shortly but i dont Cal Culate
on gitting to Come home before
lin cons times is out my self
but if i git a plenty to eat
and to ware a somthing to drink
and a five shinplasters i Can
make out verry well me and
B H Wood has ConCluded to stay
durin the ware and after the war
is over then marry a rich widow
south Carelina Whar we Can
mak Cotton and Seet patatoes
[page 4]
and guber pees Write to me
soon and give me all the
newes that you Can in your
letter So no more at present
only i remain you Son
isaack Copland till deth

give all in quiring freids
my best respects and receve
the same yor self doo the
best you Can and i will
doo the same no more
Right to me soon
iswack Copland to
hardin Copilad

February 26, 1863


Company B, 2nd NC Infantry


Isaac Copeland's Father
Isaac Copeland's Mother


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 
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To State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
November, 2010
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2010

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