Kinston NC

March the 21 1863
Dear father, mother, brothers, sisters
I imbrace the opportunity of
droping you a few lines to let
you no that I am Well at the
present truly hopeing these
fu lines to find you all
well and harty I Can inform
you that I receved the things
that you send by mc kiney
and I was glad to git them
and I was truly glad to
reciev a letter from you
for the first time I havent
aney newes Worth Writeing to
you onley I Can inform you that
we all takene a very hard
march the other day to wards
newburn the intension was
[page 2]
to have a fight and then
a nuff was Com neare gitting
in to a hard fight but as
a kind providens would
have it we did not git in
to the ingagement but
after a long and Wearious
march We returnd to Camp
a gain With out hurt thare
is sevurl of the boys that
is Sick from theare march
but I think thay will be
all right no a fu day I was
grateley inturestid at what
you said a bought Drury
hodges saying ly still
honey tell I make a fire
that is all right on the
goose I wish them good luck
[page 3]
tell them if I never see
them a gin father you said
to me that you would git
a substitute for me if i wanted
one you Can doo to suit your
Self a bought that if you Can
git one I Will exept of him
freely suit your Self and
you Will suit me I think
the chanc of gitting one heare
is bad for all that is tow old
is gitting dis charges and is
going home as fast as thay
Can I Want you to git one
of you Can i Can inform you
that we marchd Sixty fore miles
through mud and water
half leg deep my feet ware
wet for five days that thay
[page 4]
Wernt drry in the time but
I am fat and saucy yet
I dont think that the
yankes will be my end
at least I dont fell so
no how but we are all
exspectting to have a fight
heare at kinston in a
fu days tho I dont no whea ther
we we will have one or not
I want you to write to me
Soon an give me all the
neightborhood newes I want
you all to doo the best you
Can till we all meete
a gain if eavr we doo
Write in hast to me
no more I remain your
Son till Deth Isaac Copland

March 21, 1863


Company B, 2nd NC Infantry


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North Carolina
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North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
November, 2010
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2010

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