Drurys Bluff VA
April the 17th /64
Dear father its with pleasure that I
im brace the present opportunity of riteing
a few lines to let you here from me
I am transferee from Lees army to the
Navy, I have bin on board the Patrick
Henry for 4 or 5 days and then we ware put
on shore at drurys Bluff we are having of a
fine time it is thought that we wil be
assigned to the steamer iron clad VA we have
3 iron clads here the VA is the finest of the 3
I am highly pleased with my chang as so far
but thare is no place like home, this [page torn]
me wel ingoying fine helth hopin
this reaches you and familly it may find
you ingoying evry blessng in this life
I have no nuse of interrest, I have riten you
Several letter and have not recieved any answer
at all we have drawn some verry fine
cloths and are going to draw some more
next week they say that we wil draw as
many cloths as we want here in the navy
here from the army of northern VA and that
they had drawn 8 days rations and ware
now marching I do not know that it is
so, we here so many falshods thes days
I think that they wil have a happy time
[page 2]
this spring and summer I am happy to say that
I am out of it and out of the mud and rocks
I want you to rite to me what the inroleing officr
have done with the home Gards as nus is
Scare I wil close so good by for this time
rite soon and let me here from you
give my love to all
your obeadient Sun
I Copleand
Indorse your letter
Drurys Bluff Va

April 17, 1864


Company B, 2nd NC Infantry


Isaac Copeland's Father


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North Carolina
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Andrea Cudworth
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November, 2010
Michael Ellis
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November, 2010

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