May the 17th 1858 Missouri Dent County
Dear cousin I this Evening thake my Pen in hand to
inform you that we are all well at Present tanks be to
god for his merses torts us hoping theas few lines will find
you in the same of gods Plessings we received your
letter afew weeks ago wich gave us grate Sadisfaction
to hear from you all that you are all well you roat
to me how I like this contry as for my Part I like
this contry wary well and if you was hear you wold like it
thare is the best land hear I Ever Seed in my life
I hav about 22 akers Planted in corn wich maks
from 60 to 65 bls of corn to the aker in a comin
year ir is a great contry for grain wheat corn oats or
Enny thing ells the best plase to rais stock I Ever
Seed thare is good range all over the woots people
has milk & butter aplenty not only by the pail
full but by the tub ful old Mr Ch Hedrick
tol me that David Headrick has acow that they
hat to milk hur in a washing tub a pail would
not hold the milk at one milking I have bot me
a cow that gaves 2 gallins at a milkin & She is cald
but a Sorry cow hear you wood like to no about the
the water we use hear Springs is Scerce hear in plasis
people has good wells as for mills thare is just as
good mills hear as I Ever Saw in N C they make
Just as good flower I have bout & enterd Some
land I bout 40 akers for 2[4?]5 Dollars & Enterd
5 40 akers lots at 25 [??] pr aker makes 56 Dollars
alltogether makes [????] akers thare is 300 akers
laying joining myne could be bout for 600
good land & som vacent land by it on the other
Side of mine is 600 akers for sale wich I have
Some [????] on it for corn I am living on the
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I think if you come out hear you cant help
but like the contry Every thing is plenty hear people
dont work half thare time & have everything plenty
I wood not be back theare for all the land that
all what Martin has if they would give it to me
timber is not as plnty hear as thare & not So
large but plenty for biltings & fensing waging making
& blacksmithing is a grate trate hear if you come
out hear I advice you to bring all the best of
your tools wid you edg tools comes hi hear brng
your clock along if I hat mye hear I would not take
$15 for it I wont you to go to Mr Gilchriest
& tell him to git me a nothre gun like mine last
one that he got for me the Same Sise tall & bring
it with you & I will pay you the cash for it & pay
you for your trubel for bringing it I have bin offerd
25 Dollars for mine Severl times David Hedrick
has bout land he is living about 6 miles from me
they are all well as fare as I now thare is but
few negroes hear in this contry people is more on an
equality hear then in N C thare is bu[t] few people
hear that locke up enny thing thare is a Strong talk of
Missouri becoming a free State now I will gave you the
prise of broduse wheat is worth 75 cen pr bls corn 25
baken 8 to 10 cen pr lbs flower 250 pr hundred Iron 5 cen
pr lbs coffy 6 ½ & 7 lbs to the Doller cotton yarn 125 pr
bundel this is a great contry to rais potatoes &
turnup cabbidch & every thing ells Sweet potatoes can
be raist hear as good as enny whare ells but Seete
is Scers they cand be hat hear write to me as
Soon as this comes to hand and let me no wther you
are coming out hear or not direct your letters to
lake Spring Po Missouri Dent County
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a few lines to Cousent George & Jesse you are
anctious to git ware thare is game to kill Come
out hear thare is game plenty hear Deer Turkeys
fox Squerrels Rabits but few gray Squerrels
we have kild lots of Turkeys & Red Squrrels I have
not kild no deer yet but Seen plenty as menny
as 8 or 10 in a trove Sonothing more at present
but remaing yours ontil Death

John Frank To Alaxander Frank & Famly

May 17, 1858


Alexander Frank's brother


David Headrick's brother; Jesse M. Frank's Father


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North Carolina
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September, 2011
Michael Ellis
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