Camp Price Virginia March 9th 1862
Dear Martha, I write you a few lines informing you that
I am well and sincerely hope these few lines may find
you enjoying the Same Providential Blessing. I have
no news of importance to write you at present. The yanks
have been maneuvering up and down the River now
for Several days with their Gun Boats and occasionally
firing at our Batteries on the Potomac River and I
expect it will not be long before we will go to fighting
I expect we will leave here to Morron but where we
will go I do not know we have packed up all of our
Baggage that we could not carry in our Knapsacks and
we are going to Send it all on the Rail Road cars down
to Fredericksburg for Safe keeping. I expect we will
See Yankees by scores before many days but you must
not be uneasy about me. I shall try to do my duty
like a Soldier and put my Trust in the God that
watches over the destinies of man in the Battlefield
as well as in the more peaceful walks of life. You
must not dear Martha grieve for me but remember
that the Struggle we are engaged in is a noble and a
Just one and that God is on our Side and if he is for
us who can be against us. I have not received my
money yet as the Paymaster was in Wilmington when
I Came here and has not returned yet.
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I will Send you Some money by the first opportunity
as Soon as he comes back to Camp. I will come to
a close by Saying to you that you need not write to
me again until I write to you as I do not know where
I will be but I Will write and let you know as Soon
as possible. So farewell my dear Martha and may
Providence watch over and protect you from all harm
is the Prayer of your affectionate Husband
John Futch
P.S. give my love to all the Family and best respects
to Mrs Caroline Anderson and Family also to Mr
Richard Savage and Family John Futch

give my love and best respects also to Andrew
Stokes and his Family

March 9, 1862


Company K, 3rd NC Infantry


John Futch's Wife


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July, 2008
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August, 2008

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