febuary the 19 1863
dear husban
after my love and best
respects I will in
form you that I am
well exseptin cold
and I hope that those
fue lines may reche
and find you goyen
the good blesings of helth
dear husban I have not
receved a letter from
you sence you left i
went to See your
captin and he sead that
you was not well and
i am sorrow to her it
the captin said that
when he come back
and you want able
for feeal duty that
he would trans fur
[page 2]
you and send you to
the hors pittle fore
a my and then if you
want able for aney
[illegible, fold in page]
and send you home
and I asked the captin
a bout comen back with
him to see you and he
seas that I could come
with him but tha
was no fiten plase hear
fore me with I went
in houses with all
sort of popel ar in
camp he sead if you
went on the hors pitle
as nus then fore me
to come when the captin
comes back I will send
you too pear of gloves
[page 3]
and dear husban
i went to Comonsary
to fede me and he sead
that he would not
me and all [??] [??]
to hand and he sead
that he could not
with out I leved in
his destrect and then
he would father is
goin to wilington and
he said that he would
tri fore me thear
and dear husban I shal
come to see you if
you aint back by april
fore I want to see you
veary bad fore I have
aplenty of niews to tell
you and mother and
famly gives thear
[page 4]
love to you and
seas that tha wants
to see you mother
seas that she has
[illegible, fold in page]
kinston and exspecten
to start to in
afue days and wen she
comes back from thar
she is goin to the lite
house batry and then
she exspects to come to
rechmon so I must
come to aclose by
asken you to rite
soon as you receve
this nothen more at
presant only I remain
your effectionly wife
till deth Martha Futch
to Mr John Futch

February 19, 1863


John Futch's Wife


Company K, 3rd NC Infantry


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Casey White
Transcription Date: 
July, 2008
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
August, 2008

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