Feb th 26 1863
Camp Near Port Royl V.a.
Dear Wife
i recived your kind letter
yesterday dated the 19th and was
very much pleased to hear
[??] from you and to hear
that you was well this levs
my self well but not in
good helth i have bin quite
sick since i left home
but i [???] [???] i hope [very faded]
this letter may find you
well enjoyin good helth
i have recived all of your
letters [you?] [???] and [??]
a cap home by J E i want to know if you got
it [??] [??] and i will
[page 2]
send some clothes in a fiew
days by [???] [???] dear
wife you Spoke a bout
coming to see me i want
you to stay whear you are
for it is no place place for
you to come for i can hardly
stay hear my self onely as i
stay in my tint for it is the
[???] place that i ever saw
for the las week and it is
imporalel to get out of the
camp i am very tierd of
camp i have drew as miny
clothes as i want and dont
need any thing now. you never
write to me what you you [???] a goin to i have
not drawed any money since
i come back but will draw
in a fiew days i guess the
first of march
[page 3]
Charley is well and sends
his best respects to you al
i would send you some
paper but i am a fearde
it will not go safe
we ar under marching
orders tell we get very small
rations hardly a nuff to
make out me [???] tell the
old lady as long as she
is travling a bout so she
had just as well come and
see me give my love to May
Stokes and family and tell
them to writ so i will
come to a close writ soon
as this comes to hand
so i remane your dear
hus bin tell deth
John ,, Futch
[page 4]
Tell Father
i am not very well
but is better than i has
bin i have been quit
sick but is better now
and i want to see him
very bad and all th famely
and he must write to me
as soon as he can
Father i saw a sight to day
i saw a man with his head
shaved druming him out
a round th camp with
a board in hi back with
letters on it ses coward father
i am in hops i will get
transfurd to a hospitl and
if i do you must come and
see me and not forget me
when you get to [????]
charley is well George E Bridger is
well and Bob weaver
so write to me your son
J Futch

February 26, 1863


Company K, 3rd NC Infantry


John Futch's Wife


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North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Casey White
Transcription Date: 
July, 2008
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
August, 2008

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