April the 14 1863
dear husban after my love
and best respects to you I will
in form you that I am well
hopin that those fue lines
may rech and find you in joyen
the same good blesings dear
husban I receved your veary
kind letter the last maill
and was glad to hir from
you and to hir that
you war well and I trust
that you may in joye good
helth the rest of your time
dear husban I have no neas
veary impornce to rite to you
only I want to see you veary
bad I want to see you worst
then I ever did in my
life and I am very on easy
a bout you as I hir that
you war a bout to move
[page 2]
but I hope that it aint
so dear husban I shall start
to wilmington a tusday to
git me a pear of shose I am
a blege to have them I hate
to spend the money but it
semes like that I must have
them and as soon as I git back
I shall come to see you if
you hant moved from that
place an if you air in teenty
miles of the rode I never in
dured so much truble
in my lif be fore it semes
lik it will kill me if
I dont see you one more
time dear husban I want
to no how you air faren and
if you have warm close and
slep warm and if you want
eney morer socks if you do
[page 3]
I will fech you some
when I come dear husban
you hird of your brother
Wilam deth be fore I did
he had bin dead a weke
before I hird of it tha
never let me no a word
of it tha feched him to
yours fathers and saut up
with him one night
tha beared him at wilar>
greave yard tha never ??>
him a tall to see him at
your fathers I under stant
that he had the tiberdfored
fever and the munps
and had to his legs both
war sore and eat to the
bone so I sopose he dide
turebl deth I should
like fore you to come home
[page 4]
to his funerl if you
could pasen canedy will
prech it it will be
at your fathers house
or at my fathers house
or at the house
shelten has turned out
to be the worst place you
ever saw Margreat rose
and hir too sisters and susen
muney and franceny lee
dresed thear selves in mens
close and went to a sick
mands house and trid to
skin him out of his house
and hollard and lafed and
run all over the feald I will
tell you all a bout it in my next
letter for I must come to a close
by san rite soon as you receve
this nothin more at presant
only I remain your Affectionly
wife tell deth
Martha Futch to
John Futch

April 14, 1863


John Futch's Wife


Company K, 3rd NC Infantry


From State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Casey White
Transcription Date: 
July, 2008
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
August, 2008

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