Camp near fredericks burg
this the 23 : 1862 november
Dear wife I Seat my Self this
Sabbath Morning to drop you
A few lines to let you know
that I am well at this time
I Sincerely hope when
those few lines come to hand
thay may find you all in the
Same State of health
Dear wife I can inform you
that we left our camp near
Culpepper on wednesday last
and on Saturday at twelve
We taken up Camp near
fredricsburg and I can inform
that I never Saw as many
broke down men in my life
there is Some coming in this
Morning yet I can inform
that it was the Mudest time
and the Slickest time I
ever Saw as the Saying is
I have saw some part of the
[page 2]
I can inform you that we ar
five miles from fredricksburg
and Sik mile from the yankeys
they fierd on the train yesterday
but now damage they throad
some bums in the town
yesterday and we have Ma[??]
orders and two days Rashin
all the time we may leave
to day and mebby not till
to marrow and perhaps not
we dont now we ekpected
A batel here but I dont think
there will be a fite here Shortly
there is more danger of our
Men A Runing us to death
than it is of the yankeys
for we havent had any Salt
for thre days we could not eat
our beef I can inform you
that I Saw Moses [1] waw and
john lents [2] last nite they
come to our Camp turn over
[page 3]
and they left this morning
you Rote in your letter that
you would Send me Some
bed clothing I dont want
you to send any til I rite
for them for I cant cire [3] them
I left some clothing at the
other camp and I Saw Some
blankets left werth fifteen
dolers ti [4] raind al the time
they wer wet [?] they couldent
tote them I have good
clothing and a very good over
Coat you rote in your letter
that you got the crib ful of
Coarn an Some left I am glad
to hear that you have A plenty
and it is left to you to
manage for your Self and
do the best you Can I am
sery that I cant be with
(you turn over
[upside down at foot of page]
Direct your leters to Richmond
as before
[page 4]
you rote to me that the children
would like to see me and so
would I like to see them
an to injoy A good fire side
but I Stil live in hope and
trust that god will spare
my life to see the end of
trubelsome war I ha
much to rite at this time
I rite so often that I aint
any news to rite at this time
So nothing More only remain
your afectionate husband
ontil death Marcus Hefner
to Mrs Kiza Hefner
and to larance Hefner
an to jonas Hefner
and to james Hefner
excuse the bad riting and
Speling the paper bad and
the pen bad and the
paper bad

  1. Moses Waugh, 2nd NC Cav.
  2. John Lentz, 2nd NC Cav.
  3. cire = carry
  4. ti = it
November 23, 1862


Name Variant: 
Marcus Hefner
Company E, 57th NC Infantry


Marcus Hefner's Wife


From State: 
From Municipality: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
October, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
October, 2011

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