Camp near frederick burg va
December the 1 1862
Dear Wife I Seat My Self
this Morning to drop you A
few lines to anser your kind
letter Which I receivd yestaday
and was glad to hear that you
was all well I can inform you
that I am well at this time
and I hope when those few
lines comes to hand they ma
find you all well and injoy
ing good health dear wife I
can inform you you you Stated
in your leter that you wanted
me to come home Dear wife
that is out the question
they dont give A wel Man A
furlow you Stated in your
leter that you wanted me to
have my tipe [1] taken I cant at
this time there is nochance at
this time I can inform you
that we ar close the yankeys
[page 2]
at this time we can See
there tents Acros the rapahanic
River they ar Reenforceing on both
Sides expecting A fite Shortly
you Stated in your leter that
you would Send me A neclas [2]
and A comfert I dont want
you to Send them I can make
it at this time I have good
Clothing at this time and I
drawd A blanket I wouldent
take any More if thay la on
piles but Dear wife if you cold
Send Me Something to eat I
Would like very Much espechily
buter I wish you wold send me
A few pouns of buter and a pint
of Salt and when you butcher
Send Me Some sosheses [3] for we
dont get any thing fat to eat
At this time We get beef
and Crackers and not A nuff
of them
[page 3]
you Stated in your leter that
brother Franklin was at drewers
bluff [4] but you dident state what
brigate or what Regment he is in
I will now State Something
about our Regment we ar in
LongStreets corps Hoods division
Regment Colen godlen Colon [5]
jones agetant [6]
We have good feel oficers
we have no company oficers
we expect to hold an election
to day or to Marrow I can
inform you that our mes is in
good health except john Isac
I think that he will go to the
hauspitel to day or to Marow
Dear Wife I can inform you that
we have hard times in Camp
We have no tents Worth nameing
But firewood plenty we must
moove after it I would like
to See all the neighbers
[page 4]
and Spechily my sweet
loving wife and Children
but dont grive for my long
Absence I can inform you
that if the war dont soon stop
I want you to sel the horse
If you can sel at a resenabel
[????????????????????] [7]
to do your milin and halin
your fire wood it is a [????]
on you to tend to A horse
a besides the expence you can
get your Milen and wood hald
for what the horse eates up
you said in your letter some
thing about running away there
was [??????????????????????] [8]
[?????] from our company that
So I Must come to A Close
by askning you to Rite as
soon as this comes to hand
so nothing More at this time
only Remain your afectionate
Husband until Death Marcus Hef
to Mrs. Kiza Hefner

  1. tipe = photograph
  2. neclas (necklace) = a wool scarf
  3. sosheses = sausages
  4. Drewry’s Bluff
  5. Col. Archibald C. Godwin
  6. Col. Hamilton C. Jones
  7. writing worn and damaged at fold
  8. writing worn and damaged at fold
December 1, 1862


Name Variant: 
Marcus Hefner
Company E, 57th NC Infantry


Marcus Hefner's Wife


From State: 
From Municipality: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
October, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
October, 2011

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