N C henderson County June 15 1863
Dier brothers I seat my self to let you know
that I am not well I got my left hip
put aut of place over 3 weeks a go you may no
that I suferd mity bad you may know
hit Is geting alitel beter I have not bin
well never sinc I saw you My dispepcia
Complant is working on mee vary strong I
throd aup alarg quonety of bludy looking
stuf the other day I have bad a pane in my
[??tor] agood while some times hit is beter an
then wors but I do truley hope that those few
lines will find you well angeting aplenty
to eat I herd that you went in to Cane tuckey
an brot back a good meny hogs an Catel
I have nothing of much emportents to write
to you about [an?] serptia was geting along vary well
the last time i herd from them the rest
of the folks is as well as comon as far as I
know but gimey he has got to taking fits he toock
one the other day he was by his self nobody knse how long hit lasted
times is vary hard an trubelsum her
ther had like to bin alitlet batel her the
other day with the boys that runaway an
the melishey but tha got hit sorter seteld
but I wodent bee soprised than tha wold
bee aturobel time her before long yet lutenent
henry garen of jordens old Conpney Come back
after sone of the boys that runaway he gon [th???]
[page 2]
a craud an went to rube statens to cetch him
an ambers tha got in to the yard an garen snapt
at rube an rube geatherd his gun an shot garen
down an tha [gunipt?] aut at the dowr an as tha
run the rest shot at them an tha shot ambers
thrw he lived tel next day an rube got slity
wounded in the sholder idont know wheather
tha have herd from him since or not
the men is runing away an coming home
nerly every day the Country is fool of them
I sopose ther is somthing like [???] ment in
transel vaney I sopose that thier is 8300 men [1]
run away from the armey now I dont
think that [this?] war will last mutch
longer boys I want to see you the worst
good god olmity may the time soon role on
when the men may return home to
ther native lands ther to dwell in peace
untel the the mity hand of god Coles forthem
I want you to write to mee assoon as you
get this for I want to her how you air
get ing along direc your leters to the
blu ridg PO I wold awrote to you
befor now but I cold not find aut
wher to write to I must bring my
remarks to aclose by saying iremain your
loving brother untel death sonothing
mor at presant J. A. W Revis to
John. M. Revis an. D. W. Revis

  1. Transylvania County, NC
June 15, 1863



Name Variant: 
Co. B, 64th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Henderson County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 


To Note: 
Not listed

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrew Albritton
Transcription Date: 
April, 2010
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2010

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