Thursday July 19th 1860
Gen W A Blount
Your overseer
Mr Jones has bind Sick an
left your plantation
10 days I visit your farm
accorden to your re quest
an find no overseer on it
I deturmend I would take
charge of it an went down
to see mr Jones an he told
me that I might do so four he
wours not abel to attend
to it ther four I rote
you word to that afect
the next day he sent me
a note Staiting that he
wours better he had
concluded that he wold
keep the keys an not make
any further alteration
[page 2]
ther four I did not take
charge of your farm =
I went down ther to day
an found mr Jones ther at=
tending to his buseness =
they ar go ing on lay ing by
the corn they had 50 acurs
to lay by this morning
we had a good shower of rain
tus day witch makes your
crop look a grateel better
the weater has bin so dry
an hot that the corn
is fired tho not so mutch
but what if we can have
Rain in time it cum out
your cotton is a bout like
it wous the year befour
last it looks well but
Stands bad ther has not
bin eny Peas plated wher the [plated = planted]
cotton is misen
[page 3]
Thear Is no one on your
farm except An ny an
She is improveing She is
not welld as mutch
as She wase an Say She feels
beter the Dr wars over
ther yes taday
if ther Is eny thing moer
that I can dwo four
you let me no an I will
doit with Pleasure
my fameley is all well
an Sends ther love to
you all

Thos G Harding

July 19, 1860


Residence (County): 
Beaufort County, NC


Major General


From State: 
North Carolina
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To Note: 
Not listed

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
February, 2011
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