Camp near Brandy
Dec 28th /63 Station

Well, Father
I seat my self and
more to write you a few lines
to let you know how I am
getting along . I have been
sick for a week but am
better now I got a very bad
cold I thought I was going
to have the Fever I have
such a Head ache to day
that I can hardly write
it has been very [???] here [1]
for 3 days & it is mudy
I tell you the team can hardly
get around I want you to
see what you can get me
a good cheese for I am
going to have a Big Ba[?] cash
we shall be paid of[f] the 15th
of next month & I shall
send the money Home & I want
you to buy me a good Cheese
& 5 or 6 pounds of Butter two
Cod fish & one pound of tea
& some doughnuts & some Biscuit
& some pies if mother will
and Dora will cook some I will
pay them the money it is plaguey
hard living on hard bread
I want a few Pounds of dried
Apple the Boxes came just as
straight as a letter as you need
not be afraid of it getting
lost There is loads of Express
box [??] here every day [2]
& there has not been one lost
I want you to get some heel
irons for me to put in my
boots some light ones
like a hors shoe I will send
a pattern send some [?????]
I shall [??] my boots [????] if
I dont have them I shant wear
[page 3]
them much until I get the
Irons I talk of selling my
watch the Capt wants to buy
it if I sell it I shall send
the money home if I dont sell
it I shall send it home
before long he offered me
$, 22, 00 I ask , 25, if you wil
start the box right of[f] you
shall have the money as soon
as we are paid
I want you to send a good
large Box dont put any thing
in that will hurt by freezing
tell by [3] if he ca[?????] any [4] 
gum to send me some some [??]
will pay him
write soon from your Son
O P Getchell
this writing [????] as I pu[?]
[page 4]
I will send you the
measure of the heel Iron
I whish mother would
boil some Beets & soak
them in Vinegar & send
Them to me send me
a lot this Time

if mother can make
a pork cake I want
her to make one for me
I have written to Byron a number
of times since I have been
out here & he has not written
me yet I shant write again until
[he?] does you may send me 10
pounds of Apple the Doctors say that is
the healthiest thing we can eat

  1. Hole in page
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  3. by = Byron
  4. Hole in page
December 28, 1863


Co. G, 17th Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Somerset County, ME



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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andy Myers
Transcription Date: 
November, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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