Louisville Jan 21th 1863
Dear Father and Mother
and sisters and brother we
have got to Louisville we got
here last night [from?] [C????]
and we went onto a steam
boat as quick as we got here
we are going to stay here two
or three days to get redy to go
down the river there is about
30,000 trupes here and some
more coming to go down the
river with us. there is about
40,000 trupes going with us
there is three or four batteris
going with us, the 103 Reg is
coming here to go with I will
have a chance to see Rudolph
I expect that regment is going
to be in our brigade the 123 Reg
is here. there is a big fleet going
[page 2]
down with us, we doant no
where we are going yet some
say we are going to Nashville
Tenn but I think we are
going to Vixburgh we are
going to be payed off before we
leave here we was a going to
be payed to day but the pay-
-rols was not right and we
will be payed off to morrow
morning they are going to pay
us up to the first of Jan. The
boys are going to send there
money home by one of our
officers I think it will be
Leut Vandorn he will take
it all home fore the boys I
think it will be as good a
way as we can send it he
will leve all the money to
one plase in dover I think
it will be at the store he says
he will go to all the towns and
[page 3]
leve the money. I am going to
put my money into a invelop
and seel it up, and mark
on the envelop the amount
in it and whos it is and
then it wont get mixed with
the rest, the Leut ses that is
the best way for the boys to
do we will be payed on the boat
where we are now. our company
is in the cabin it is a good plase
for us the rest of the companys
are on the outside it is a good thing
to be company .A. they have the
first chance. all the officers are
in here with us. it is a nice
sight to goen a steamboat.
we are seeing the country very
fast since we left Cleveland
I think I will have a chance
to see some of the 42 boys if
we go to Vicksburgh we will
see them. it is a grate ways
[page 4]
to Vicksburgh it will take
about two weeks for us to
go down their we will go away
down the Misssissippi river if
we doant go to Nashville I cant tell
yet I wrote you a latter
the other day I have not
had a latter from you
in about two weeks but
I am a going to keep write
ng anyway. the boys are
all well and so am
I I have gotto stop writing
for the chaplin is agoing
to put the latters in.
I will write in a fiew
days I will send you a
fiew lines with the Leut
and let you no about the
money give my love to
from your son
A. H. Rose
I will agane
before you write

January 21, 1863


Co. A, 124th Ohio Infantry
private; sergeant
Residence (County): 
Cuyahoga County, OH


Residence (County): 
Cuyahoga County, OH
Residence (County): 
Cuyahoga County, OH


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From Municipality: 


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Michael Ellis
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February, 2010
Michael Ellis
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February, 2010

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