Elizabeth town Jana 25th 1863
Dear Parents
the Male is a going out to morow
and I thought I would write you a
fiew lines and letyou no how we
are geting a long. all the Dover boys
are well at presant S. Ames had been
sick for a fiew days but is well
now. we haf a good nurs to take care
of the sick. his name is Gordain Shur[tly?]
of Brucklin he is a good felow he is
as good as a woman to take care of
the sick Wm. Reed has been helping him
a fiew days in the auspatle [1] but wont
long I doant think they have a grate
del to do there is about 20 for them to
take care of and some of them are very
sick to there is two or three from our
company. Wm. Wing is one of them he
has got the rumatis he is [so?] [??]
that he cant hardly [??] he will get
[page 2]
his discharge I think, we haf a good
auspital for the sick it is an old
brick tavren that they are in our
company is in a meeting house yet
but wont be long they are going back to
their tents as soon as the ground dryes
off. the snow is all gon now the snow
has been about 2 ft deep here. but is all
gone now it is warm to day and looks
like rain our regiment has been work
ing at a stockade last week that Morgen
burnt when they had the fight here when we
get it done our company is going into it
and the rest of the campanys are going into
some more that is farther up the railroad to
wards Nashville we are gearding the railroad
bridges. the railroad is fixed from here to
Nashville the cars came down from Nashville
yesterday there is a grate many prysoners
brot threw here from Nashville they are most
tly Morgins men there was 20 of them fetch
here yesterday they was hard looking falows
there was 6 of our men taken prysoners
[page 3]
betwen here and Louisville they was
taken by some bush whackers there is
little bands of them all threw the south
there is a grate many secesh here
Tom Stephens has been gearding a rebel
Col. that our men took prisoners when
we came here he was sick to a secesh
house he died last night and the
boys haf come from gearding him
he doant want gearding any more.
Tom Steaphens cant travle much his
leg is sweled up very large and there
is a sore come on it just by the ancle
he is a frade it is a going to be a fev-
-er sore
it rins now he is a frade that
he never will get well. when he tum-
-bled out [doors?] with Jobe Hamberlin is
what hurt him Jobe is all right
now he will stand it if any of them
will. C.. Hall is all right now he [??]
has been sick cince he found that
he could not get his discharge he
looks fleshey and red fased. there
[page 4]
is some talk of our campany going
into a batry I think we will I
hope so any way there was a report
this evening that our canon was
down to colesburgh. that about 12 miles
from here they would haf been braught
right through but the cars cant come
eny farther they will come right
threw in a fiew days, Bill is writing
a latter to night to his folks, I hurd
that the 42 Reg. was in the battle at
vixburgh and some of the Dover wer
wonded it said in the paper that
B.. Finney and C..L. Demeck and
T..Willims was wonded I should
lik to knw how the rest of the boys
are they had a hard battle there I
doant beleaf we will haf much
fighting to do here Capt.. Wilson has
not come yet and I doant beleaf he
ever will stay with us when he does come
that is all at presant so good night
give my best respects to all inquiring friends
and my love to all the folks ths is from
your Sun A..H..Rose
Derect to
in care of A.H. Rose Co.A. 124 Reg O..V..I
Capt. Wilson Elisabethtown Ky.

  1. hospital
January 25, 1863


Co. A, 124th Ohio Infantry
private; sergeant
Residence (County): 
Cuyahoga County, OH


Residence (County): 
Cuyahoga County, OH
Residence (County): 
Cuyahoga County, OH


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From Municipality: 


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February, 2010
Michael Ellis
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February, 2010

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