Camp Rosecrans
Dec 3rd
Dear Folks [1862]
I recived your letter of the
28th last evening & was very glad
to get one as I,ve not had one
for some time back & we have
been changing around some. We
or rather Co D has been detailed
as Gen. Stanley’s body gaurd &
are now acting as such. We
do no camp duty & so we
have good times at present
The Gen is chief of all the Cav-
elry hear. We had a lot of in-
fantry out to Franklin the
26th & since been in the body
gaurd. I,ve been through the
fortification, & Nashville the
first I think sufficient the
last had better be burned
[page 2]
The most dirty, rocky, God-
-forsaken town I ever seen in
my life. I have got over the
dihereia & feel very well at pre-
sent. We had been soup for our
thank’s giving dinner, & relished it
because we had been on short ra-
tions for some time in consequence
of belonging to no division
We are in 1st Div & 2nd Brigade
We where received by Gen Rosecrans
on Sunday week ago & was highly
complimented that is the 4th Ohio
& he give Co D one espesilly which
Capt Warner says is a compliment
I,m sorry to learn of Charley’s death
I think Uncle has lost his best boy
although I may not be a Judge
I guess you need not send all
the things that I sent for Send
the shirts & cap pen knife
cayenne pepper writing paper &
a bar of Castile soap the rest
[page 3]
I can get here except a silk
pocket [hkd?] I think I would like
to have In fact I do not
know what I sent for but I
think what I,ve mentioned this
time will be all that is nes.
.essary. We are to be paid off
Only to the 31st of August
& some of the boys will not
get anything. I will get paid
for some (17) days & you see it
will not be much We get paid
again the 1st January so they
say. I think you had better
send my comfort down here
as it is pretty sharp some times
& is highly nessary. It rained,
blowed, & snowed & blowed the
other night & some of the boys
was washed out in consequence
of not draining their tents
the night before, but have
them ditched at present
[page 4]
I wrote to Ben & G.B. Wilmuth
the same time I wrote you &
received no answer as yet but
shall live in hopes. Tell Garett
to write because I want the
news that is all a soldier looks
for when he is in camp. When he
is on the march they have some
thing else to do. I wrote to the
Naylor & have received no answer
I will go to Nashville & have
my photograph taken if we do
not move when I get my
money in my soldier clothes
I lost that [?????] I had
when I left & am very sorry
Write soon Yours truly
E.A. Peterson
4th O.V.C
Direct as before
I,ve got to go
to grub.
Send me some Daily papers
once & awhile & I’ll be very thankfull
We have had another skirmish yesterday
& captured some whiskey & some men
& horses mules &c E.A. Peterson
[written crossways on page 1]
I think I,ve
wrote a long
letter & will
expect a
longer sheet
next time
I think you
will find
some larger
one’s in my

December 3, 1862


Co. D, 4th Ohio Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Hamilton County, OH


Name Variant: 
“Dear Folks”
Residence (County): 
Hamilton County, OH


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From Note: 
Camp Rosecrans


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Kenneth Gardner
Transcription Date: 
January, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
January, 2015

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