Camp Rosecrans
Dec 7th 62
Dear Folks
I recived your letter on the
5th & as I was Orderly for the
General yesterday I had not time
to write untill to day which is
Sunday, there was a parade to
Day at 10 ock We where not out
There is no news to tell you of
importance except that Rosecrans
is very strict & that is what
the boys do not like the pay-
-master visited us the other day
& paid of[f] the 4th O.V.C up
to Aug 31st in which case the
new recruits did not get much
in fact some of them got
nothing but the Captan told
me yesterday that we would
be paid off again this month.
[page 2]
I received $8.00 & 20 cts for my share
& have lived on light bread
since. Hard crackers being below
par. We buy sausage for 30cts
per pd, & other things [are doing?]
I am well at present & hope
that these few lines will find
you all enjoying the same
blessing. It does not look
much like the sunny south
here at present it commenced
snowing day before yesterday morning &
snowed all day & has since tur-
-ned cold but is very pleasant
through the day. Camp rumor
says we are a going to move
before long. I hope not yet be-
-cause we are having good times
with the Gen. Stanley here although
I expect we will go with him
Since I commenced writing I
found that I answered the
last letter or I would not have
[page 3]
wrote as I,ve run out of stamps
& we cannot get any here & they
will not let any letters go with-
-out the Col’s signature & we
have none. I guess you had
better send me some as soon
as possible. G.B.W. tells me
that Epp is making $2.00 per day
I would not mind making it
myself as there is not any
chance for promotion here
There is to many Old boys
Rosecrans has ordered (4) four
roll calls a day & it makes the
boys [git?]. The express office is
doing the most business now
at Nashville soldier’s boxes & bundles
of every discription. One of the
Oxford boys received a box
on the 5th & we had quite
a feast, there is several of the
boys a going to get boxes
for Christmas & then we will
[page 4]
have a merry time I expect.
You ought to see the Tennessee
folke the majority are as ig-
-norant as (thunder) the do not
no anything. The people in town
are mostly Cincinnati merchants &
so that makes the difference
The country is very nice &
rolling ground cleared about
as much as it is there at home
I,d like to step in at Christ-
-mas but cannot
Excuse this short
uninteresting letter as I,ve got
the blues I guess for the first time
Give my love to all
I remain yours &c
E.A. Peterson
It was a letter from
G.B. W that I received on
the 5th
4th O.V.C

December 7, 1862


Co. D, 4th Ohio Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Hamilton County, OH


Name Variant: 
“Dear Folks”
Residence (County): 
Hamilton County, OH


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From Note: 
Camp Rosecrans


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Kenneth Gardner
Transcription Date: 
January, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
January, 2015

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