Nashville Tennisee Nov 30th /62
Dear wife
I take this oportunity
of wrighting you a few lines to
inform you that I am well at
present and I hope these few lines
will find you the same I received
your and henrys letter of the 16th
of Nov and was glad to hear from
you we are in the Citty of Nashville
at present we are stopping in the
Parler of a rich Jentleman we are
on the second flore the family
living in the house it is a large
Brick bilding the rooms that we
ocupy is carpeted and as well finished
as any room that I ever saw we
came here from Galiton last night
on the cars it is raining a little
to day it looks lonesome and
Dismal to day it makes me a little
[page 2]
home Sick with the rest I am
with the Engineers and mechanicks yet
I rote to you about Joyning them
last week so if you get my other
letter you will understand all about
it you stated in your letter that
you was almost discouraged trying to
right ot me you said you had riten
five letters to me I guess i have got
that many from you since i left
you nedent be dis couraged as long as
you get letters from me it seems long
for me between times to get letters from
you but I know how it is the mail
communication has ben cut of
between here and Louisville ever since
we have ben this side of louisville
and mail couldent go reguler but
the railroad is opend through now
from louisville to Nashville and we
will get reguler mail each way as
long as i stay here there is no
knowing how long that will be
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you wanted me to right about my
Socks the are good yet my other
cloths are good the only truble is
to keep the lisce out of them although
I have not had many of them yet
I have kept my self Clean this far
but the nisest people in the world
cant all ways keep red of them I have
Catched 5 or six in my cloths since
i have ben in the army well that
is enough about lice you said you
thought if we ever got to gether again
we would know how to appreciate
Each others Company well i think so
to I would give evry thing that
I have got in the world if I could
be with my family to night but
that is all the good it does to think
about home there is a great many
Soldiers dies with nothing but home
Sickness right soon so no more for this
time good by Wm to Julian Culbertson
Direct your letters as you have done
[page 4]
Dear Brother and Sister
I hope these few
lines will find you well and injoying
the blessings that are handed down
to us from on high I am well
at present and i hope these few
line will find you the same
I have got pretty well down
in dixy and there is know
knowing how much further
i will have to go I hope not
much further I am in hopes to
get home this spring but I dont
know how it will be yet If you
have got plenty of potatoes yet
eat a few evry day for me I want
you all to do the best that you
can and I will do the same it is
getting dark and i will have to
Stop righting for this time So good
by for this time Wm Culbertson
to Henry and Betsy

November 30, 1862


Company H, 38th Ohio Infantry
corporal; sergeant
Residence (County): 
Williams County, OH


Residence (County): 
Williams County, OH


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December, 2009
Michael Ellis
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January, 2010

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