Feb 21 1864 Camp nere Licking Creek
Fauquire Co Va
nere Bealton Station
Dear Mother this is the Sabeth
day and I am of duty I will spend
a fiew minits riting to you to
let you know that I am well
at present and to let you know
that I have not furgoten you
I hope this may find you engoying
good helth we have had a Cold
Spell of wether this while
but it has got plesent a gain
we had three or four Cold
days last thrusday was midling
Cold and I was on an out
post and there was Some
Cavelery Come a long and
I halted them and enquired
what Cavelry and they told
me that they was the 4th
Penn Cavelry they had been
out in the frunt on pickit
and was returning to there
[page 2]
Camp I had a litle fire on my
post and two felowes Come to
me and asked leve to warm
them Selves at my fire I
tole them they Could I asked
them what Company they
belonged to they Said Co L
I asked them if they knowed
James Hamilton they Said they
did they Said him and Som
more was taken prisoners I
think they Said there was ten
taken prisoners out of there
Company that time it was
on the retreet from Culpeper
that he was taken I think
I remember of Seeing the
dust of a Cavelry Charge
I dident know what Cavelry
it was but it is likely it
was the 4 Penn we was
advancing in line of batle
but we dident get engaged
we have not got in eny close
[page 3]
engagement yet but we have
been Sheled Some Some times
but without much damage
to us I would like well a
nough if we Can get a long
without much marching or
fiting for I dont feel very blood
thirsty I think war is a miserable
thing I would like to here of
peace being maid on fair teremes
without eny more blood Shed
but if we must fite we will
do the best we Can if it is
the will of the lord that I
will get thrue Safe I need not
fere he is able to Save me
in the midst of danger we
have a man in the gard house
here that is Sentenced to
be Shot on next friday he
is hand Cufed and we have
to gard him it lookes hard
the Crime that he is
gilty of is desertion it mite
[page 4]
be that he would be reprieved
yet and we would all I think
be glad to Se him reprieved
I think he is a very bad felow
and a very Smart man to but
it lookes hard to Shoot him
but that is the law and the
punishment for desertion they
Say his father is a precher
I think I have no more news
worth riting I will now Close
for the present hoping you
ar engouing good helth I will
Send this in Janes leter and
She Can give it to you I am
not very plenty of Stamps
and won will do you both
no more at present give
my respects to all enquiring
Adresed to
Isabell Hamilton
Dear Sister Anny John Hamilton
dont think that Maria [I?] plese
I have furgoten you forward to
time has not Changed Mother
my affection for you

February 21, 1865


Co. M, 62nd Pennsylvania Infantry; Co. K, 91st Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Beaver County, PA


Residence (County): 
Butler County, PA


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
September, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2013

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