Panola Miss
Mary Febuary the 7 [1864]
I sit myself to drop you
a few lines to let you know
that I am well at this time
and hope this may find you
and children all well I have
not as yet got a transfer
and I do not think that I
shall be able to get it I
dont know [?]at makes [no?]
diference no how I can not
tell you when I Shall see
you a gain thare is some
talk of sending us to
mobeale ala, but it is quite
uncertain whare we will
goe if we go up towards
memphis I will try to goe
by home I have a verry
bad chance to wright to you
as we have no mail I have
to catch 4 [???] chance and
send it some one passing
but if you shold not
hear from me you
[page 2]
should not hear from
me you nead not be
uneasy I am sure to do the best
I can and I want you to do
the best you can I think if
you have a School you
would do well to send Ben
and Harvey to school as I dont
think they will do you much
good at home but do as
you think best
Mclendons Battery has
been consolidatid with
Mortons Battery in which
I found Newton Mitchel
the only man in the company
that I know but acquain
tances dos not much good if
at any time I should be
taken prisoner I will
wright to A.P. Burnitt so
that you may hear from
me and and if you never shold
hear from me I want you
to try and raise your chil
drens up right try to
educate them and to
[page 3]
learn them to pray to
God to guide them through
this life a right I may
not see you again untill this
unfortunate war is over
but if I shoul not I leave
in the hands of one that
does all things well the God
of Heaven and earth and
may he direct you in all
your trials and guide you
in the path of duty and
finally meat you in heaven
is my pray
You know as well
when I will be at home as
I do the men and officers
all treat me kindly but a
Sildiers life is hard at
best tell Mr. [B?] Beal if
he can [???] out to [???]
for I do not believe that
he can stand the fare
and living that I can
and do we have had a
plenty to eat I [??] Bread
[???] [???]
[page 4]
[due?] have no particular time
to eat some times we eat 2
times a day some times
[?]ce a day and so on Just [??] we
can I have nothing of
importance to wright
give my rispects to all
inquirling friends so
nothing more but
remains your obedient
husband untill death
H.H. Collins

PS I do not know who
I shall send this by I only
wright being alittle at
leisure thinking that I
may meat with some
one going to the neighbour
hood I could of sent one
to coch[??]n the other day
if I had one written
it may be some time
before I get a nother
chance but I will have
it ready H.H. Collins

February 7, 1864


McLendon’s Battery, Mississippi Light Artillery
Residence (County): 
De Soto County, MS


Residence (County): 
De Soto County, MS


From State: 
From Municipality: 


To State: 
To Municipality: 
To County: 
De Soto

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Casey White
Transcription Date: 
Transcription Date Note: 
August 2008
Michael Ellis
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Proof Date Note: 
August 2008

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