Atlanta Ga
Dear Friends August the 28th /64
I avail myself of
droping you afew lines to let you
know that i am alive and well
at this time and hope this may
find you likewise i have written
several letters but i do not know
that they have ever come to hand
or not as i have not recived
any from home Since i left and
not heard from home only from
Bro. Jim who sent me and that
he got from sister Elizabeth and
one that Margaret written to
Henry dated in June i am verry
anxious to hear from home and
thinking that you would have
abetter chance to send me a
letter perhaps then my wife
would i would ask you to
[page 2 – top of line cut off]
receipt of this and let me know
how all are i also wrote to Dr
Staton i directed it to cochrun
in the care of F.M Jones i have
received no answer from any
I left home in April Mclendons
company proced to demopolis ala
thense Genereal Polk detailed myself
with 22 others to Hoskins Battery
we then proceed to Rome ga
whare we fell in with General
Johnson army retreating from Dalton and have finally made a
stand at Atlanta we have been
here 37 days I can not tell you
when we shall leave we have
had a verry hard campaign and
have lost a great many men out
the squad of 23 men detailed we
have lost but one killed
and the balance sick and
woundid gone to the hospital
I should like to see you
[page 3]
[line cut off on photocopy]
room here to wright I have seen
Press Lane Josh Williams and
other friends since I have ben
here tell old man Finch i saw his
nephew Frank Finch he is in Yates
Battery from Panola county you have
perhaps heard of the casualties of capt
mxwells Company before this time
the capt himself is in the hospital
wounded slightly about the head I saw
Bro James today was a weak agoe I have
not heard from him since they have
had some fighting on the left whare
he is since i saw him Suffice it to say
that i have seen and heard enough of
war i have not been out of hearing
of cannon for [280?] days day and
night and I can not tell how long
it will be till i am clear out
of hearing perhaps not untill this
war is ever
Mr Burton if my family should
nead your assistance you will
[page 4]
[line cut off] assistance
and you shall loose nothing by
it if I should be so lucky as to
get home again and you will
please notice my little boys Benton
and Harvey if they are not going to
school try and get them to work
some Benton aught to do tolerable
plowing I do not want them raised
idle if thare is any school I want
them to goe to school make my case
your own i hope I will be able to
see you at farthers by christmas
but i can not tell when may be
not untill the war is over but do the
best you can i think it would be good
Idear to sow a good deal of wheat this
fall i must close for want of paper
this sheet cost me 50 cts and the enve-
lope 25 cts making 75 cts this letter and and
noe postage paid give my respects to Caleb
I learn from Josh Williams that caleb
has lost one of his childrin since i left
no more but remains your friend H.H.C—

August 28, 1864


McLendon’s Battery, Mississippi Light Artillery
Residence (County): 
De Soto County, MS


Name Variant: 
Friends of Hiram Hill Collins


From State: 
From Municipality: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Casey White
Transcription Date Note: 
August 2008
Michael Ellis
Proof Date Note: 
August 2008

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