Opelika Ala
September the 22nd /64
My Wife
Although i have not received
a line from you since I left home I am
determined to wright to you as often as
time and opportunity will permit I have
written to you several letters and I do not
know that you have got but [ten?] i saw a
letter that Leannah wrote to Bro James She
said that you got one dated the 11th July last
i was pleased to learn from Leannah letter
you and your children was all going to
School that was large enough she also
Stated that you all was well this leaves
me in tolerable health i would say to you
that i am again with my own company at
this place Opelika [???] capt made aplication
for us to [???] James the day before i
left he was well then he told me that
he was looking for a letter from home soon
by Wise[s?] negra he had got one from
Leannah that Ms Beal mailed in Granada
that said she had written one by Wise
[page 2]
negra but he had not come when I [??][cut off]
Jim thare is a great deal of sickness in
our company at this time thare is nearly
half of the company sick with chills
and fever some cases of diarear i feel
verry much relieved since i left Hoskins
Battery I have not heard a cannon 15 days
and hope I never will another i can
not tell you when i shall be at home
but you may rest assured that i will goe
as soon as posible Our Old Capt
Mclendon has resigned and Leut Meirin
has been promoted to capt it is known
now as Merrins Battery give my respects
to Mr Lowery and to all inquiring
friends i must close i have noe news
to wright you i am nearly bearfooted
[1] I will get
some clothing before long the nights
is geting a little cool now if you
have a chance let me hear from
you So I close noe more at presant
H. H. Collins
N.B. I might wright a great deal
about [??] I thought you had best do
but deem it unnecessary

  1. line broken by fold
September 22, 1864


McLendon’s Battery, Mississippi Light Artillery
Residence (County): 
De Soto County, MS


Residence (County): 
De Soto County, MS


From State: 
From Municipality: 


To State: 
To Municipality: 
To County: 
De Soto

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Casey White
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August 2008
Michael Ellis
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August 2008

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