Camp Lawton Sav.. Ga Sept [21, 1861] [1]
Dear Sister I just received you [letter?] which
I was very hapy to read it found me as well as usual
you said something about our provision affares and
I shall tell you the truth, they have fixed it of[f] in
3 messes and there is about 21 in a mess and it
is cooked like in prepared in such a way untell
some of them dont git an nuff to eat but I
gits a plenty now but at first I did not git an
nuff there is some of the messes that has not eat
hardly a meals of vitals with out a great hurah
over it and what we draw is rice grits hard bread
& coffee & shuugar & Bacon & beef & vinegar and
there is some beans that is allowed for us but
we have not got any yet all of this is distributed
equally a mong us we live after a fashion here &
a sorrow one at that and as for money we have
some yet I have 6 or 7 Dollars yet & I dont
no how much Dave has got yet I told him
to take care of his money and bout being
sattisfied I am not sattisfied thoe some of
them may be very well contended but I dont
believe that there is many that is sattisfied
with there situation I just tell you I
dont rite you any lies at all for I rites
to sattisfy you in all of these thing as
near as possible we fare bad[????] best we
an do[page torn]
[page 2]

Fur[?????????] Wayne County Georgia [2]
[????] Po
Command [????] your mind from play September the 21 1861
Command you [????] your mind from play Furniafull George
Humility is the [?????] ornament of a christian Furniafull George
Speak evil of no man Speak evil of no man Furniafull George
Evil communication corrupts good manner F George. September 21
Love and friendship coroiliate favor and esteem September 21, 1861
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U [3]

This writing above in these lines I note that just
to try to pass off the time there is nothing here
that I can a muse my self at only just
to sit a bout and study and contemplate
on which I have seen back there and think
that I dont know what day I may be called
a way to face the foes that I came here to
meet thoe I feel in hopes that God will
be with us in all our conflicts tell John
if he pleases to keep my gun in good
order if he can I will probly give you
more satisfaction in the net next letter
that I rite so I shall come to a close
by assigning my name as your sincere Broth
Furniafull George
I rote a [?????] to day to john and to might
I [received?] and Johns both
when this you see remember me

  1. section of page torn off in top margin
  2. section of page torn off at top margin
  3. alphabet in cursive script
September 21, 1861


Company A, 29 GA Infantry
Corporal [rank in], Sergeant [rank out]


Sister of Furniaful George


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Camp Lawton


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Adam Lockwood
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June, 2011
Michael Ellis

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