Camp Lawton Savannah Georgia November the 3rd 1861
Dear Sister This evening I take my pen in hand to inform
you that I am a bout but I dont feel very well to night for
I had to be up last night and it was very cold and wi[n]dy which
it did not agree with me so very well and its caused me to have
a very soar throat and Brother David is able to go about now but
he is not able to be on duty he has had the fevor and he had it four
or five days very hard which it disabled him very much I would
have sent him home but the captain said if he went home that
he would have to come back the last day of last month which was
the 31 st of October and he could not a went untell the 26th and
I told him to not [go?] untell he drew his money the capt.. said [1]
the we would git our money about the first day of this month and
we have not got it yet nor I dont no when we will even git it I
have herd more storys since bin here than I ever herd in my
life when I here any thing here I never believes it unless I sees
it my own self and its just that a way about our money I have
herd so many stories about it untell I cant tell when we will make
a draw I just as soon as we can git our money I want David to go
home if Billopps will let him but he is git so stout till I dont
no how it will be and If I am spared to go home I can tell
you something a bout our proceedings you wrote to me that your
cousin Mary Herien come to see you tell her not to leave till
we can come home and see her which I would be glad to see her
any time I think in a bout too or three weeks that I Shall try
to go out if I and David dont go to gether I will write when
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I am coming and you must have your cousin there
when ever I come out you must be prepared to make ous
some clothes and if you have got any thing to make us some
good winter pants out of I wish you would make them that
is wooling cloth.. every thing is so dear here untell I dont
want to buy it if I can help it if you can git any jeans
any wheres at 40 or 50 cents a yard I wish you would git a nuff
to make me 2 pair of pant and as for any thing thing els I can
git it here and every thing here is at a powerful high price
but I will try to do the best I can .. The money that
Billopps said we was to draw for cloths he says that we have
got to git us a over coat a peace whether we git any thing
els or not or he says weve got to git clothing with it
write away or els we shant have it and some of the boys
says that Billopps say we shant draw our money as long as
he can help it but I did not here him say so my self
and therefore I cant say what he means to do but I
dont believe that he is doing his duty by rite smart and
if I wasnt under him I would never go under him and
old colnel Randolph Spallding I dont like him but we
are bound to serve under him now I hope that the Lord
grant us peace and place us out of the war before long I
am expecting every to hear that we will be ordered a way
from hear for they say there is 50 vessels around here on the
coast of south Carolina and Georgia now and wouldent be
supprised if we dont have a fight before long give my love to
all the family [too?].. and cousin .. [?] I remain yours
Truly Brother untell death Furniafull George
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November 3, 1861


Company A, 29 GA Infantry
Corporal [rank in], Sergeant [rank out]


Sister of Furniaful George


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Camp Lawton


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Adam Lockwood
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June, 2011
Michael Ellis

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