Camp Wilson Savannah Georgia [1]
January the 13th 1862
Phearby I to night after returning back to
camp Wilson from Hutchenesons Iland I indea[??]
my self to drop you a few lines informing you that
I have bin very sick during this day which I
feel very unwell now but I feel in hopes that I wont
be sick any more I feel in hopes those fiew lines
may find you all enjoying good health as I ha[ve?]
and Opportunity of sending this paper out I
thought address you with a few lines and the
paper that I send to you has got Johns na[me?]
on it and there is 2 Quire’s of the paper and th[e?]
Quire that has got the black string around it [is?]
the one for you and it has Johns name regeres[??]
on it with a pencil mark and the Quire with
the white string around is mine and I want
you to keep it for me and you had better be [?????]
with it for it is as cheap as any that I could git
and I paid 40 cts a Quire for it And every th[???]
very high prices here As I stated about Hutche[nesons?]
Iland there was 13 of our company went yesterday
[Page 2, damage in left margin]
To worke and we have 3 cannons to mount there
on a battry which our company is a going to move
[there?] which ther it is 1 mile and 3 quarters from
[the?] exchange write open view to sav.. from where
[w?]e are and I cant tell exactly what day our company
will go there but before many days and if you
write direct your Letters to Camp Wilson Sav..
[and?] when we move I will to you where to direct
then write to me as soon as you can and
[g?]ive me all the news that you can So I
Shall close by assigning my name as
your Sincere Brother.
Furniafull George

  1. page 1 is damaged in the right margin affecting several words
January 13, 1862


Company A, 29 GA Infantry
Corporal [rank in], Sergeant [rank out]


Sister of Furniaful George


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Camp Wilson


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Adam Lockwood
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June, 2011
Michael Ellis

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