Savannah Geo, July the 13, 1862
Dear Sister I take my pen in
to Inform of you that Iam
tolerable well present hoping
those few lines may reach you
and the rest of the family all
well I,ve nothing of much im
portance to write to you but
as it was the request [??] you all
to write as often as I could
and so I thought I would drop
you a few lines David is tolerable
well He is gone to the Battery [to be?]
on picket Duty [B???] is in the
Hospital and several other of the
boys but I cant mention all there
names I dont apprehend any
danger here of the Yankees men
though I hear they are a trying
to take the Savannah & Charleston
Rail road [???] Port Royal [???]
If father comes down I dont want
none of you Girls to come
[page 2]
for if you do you, I recon you
would be talked a bout that you
was going to See the boys, or Soldiers
though I would be mity Glad to
see any of you, I hope the time
will soon come when I can git
a fourlough & then I will try to
see you all one more time, I hope
that our Savior will take me
and all the rest out of this struggle
before long and give us peace &
comfort and let us return to our
[???]full homes I am setting to
day writing & thinking that if
I was only out there how hapy I
would be and I study about the
Sabbaths that Ive spent about
old Wayne, &, Appling, & now to see
what I am at, and cant render
no comfort at all I had nearly
as live be laying in my cold grave
where thousands of men are
[last line cut off in photograph]
[page 3]
There comands at home if it
had not bin for this seditions
war I cant say who will give
an account for all this sin
if there is any to be accoumted
for in war times, if I could have
my way a bout the war it would
end Shortly, if it wasnt for
the poor women & children &
other individuals to suffer, I
would not care much what
would become of America,
for it is all most a world of [sin?]
any how, I believe you have no
idea how my feeling are about
these war matters they are
brused to ruin almost I pray
that God will seek some
advantage for us to secure
peace before long, you must
comfort your self if you
can & the best you can
[last line cut off in photograph]
[page 4]
me as often as you can and
excuse my bad writing for
I have a bad chance you must
must give me all the news
you can and all about the
county and the simple news
You must give my love
to all the country friends
its hardstimes about this
city & hot times to I will
send you some paper and
I will try to send you the
box & bucket,— the paper
cost 75 cents a quire —
if they ever send any
thing more to me never
send it this have come I
had rather pay the freight
on it my self and have
it to my notion nothing
more only I remain your
Truly Brother
Furniafull George

July 13, 1862


Company A, 29 GA Infantry
Corporal [rank in], Sergeant [rank out]


Sister of Furniaful George


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June, 2011
Michael Ellis

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