Lownes County Georgia [1]
September the 5 1862
Deare Neace I Seat my self to answer
Your request onse while Living and I feel my
Self onder obligation to right to you as you Sent
mee the first letter I will inform you that thease
linds leaves mee not in very good helth at this
time my helth ain[t] bin vary good this Season
the rest of the family is in modriet helth now
And I hope that thease linds may reach you and
youre fathers family all injoying of good helth
And the family connection through out I will
Say to you that I recevd A leter from you and
[read?] it with grat Satisfaction and I was Vary
Glad to heare from you I havnt mutch to right
I has maid A tolerable crop this yeare my corne
was heit by the Rust I thinke that I was ingered
to the A mount of 100 bushels of corne at least
Neac the times is so hard that I dont know what
is to become of the people you said in your leter
that you wanted mee to come and See you all
And I though[t] that I was all most redy to s[t]arte
but I has bin disapinted and I dont now when
I will git there I has bin A trying to git of[f]
Ever Some youre fathe was at my house and
the hardnes of the times has poot mee out
I want you tell youre father that I want
him to come and See mee if he can meekit
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Convenant and come youre Self and tell enny
if my conniection that I will be glad to See enny
of them at enny time that enny will come and See mee
I will informe you that I dont know if I Shant
have to gow to the co[a]st and boild some Salt yet
and if I doo I wont come this Season I has hea[r]d that
one of your Sisters has died this Season I want you
to right to mee and let mee know how you all
are and how youre grand Mothe is I haint heird
from here in a long time tell your unkle
David that I wood like to See him out heare
Vary Mutch I hope tha[t] you will excuse my bad
Righting So I will clos but remaning yours
Affectionate unkle and tell death
Asa George

Miss Fereby George
Doctor Town
Waine County

  1. Lowndes County
September 5, 1862


Uncle of Fereba George


Sister of Furniaful George


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Adam Lockwood
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June, 2011
Michael Ellis
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