Rosedew Island Battery near Savannah Ga
Febuary 7th 1864

Kind Sister. I this beautiful Sabath evening
[quiet?] my self to drop you a few lines which will
inform you that I am about but not so very well
though I sincerely hope that those few lines may reach
you and the family all enjoying the best of health. Sister
after my arrival to my command we made an other
move from Red Bluff about thirteen miles below Savh
to Ogeechee River,, and I am the worste dissatissfied
at this move of any that I have experienced Since my
[time?] [in?] service though we have a very comfortable
Situation hear and we are under tite command now
I cant Say when I will ever git off home whether ever or not
Dear Sister many affliction have piereed my my
mind Since the 25 of Jan..1864 .. it is the moste
disolate time with one that ever I have experienced
I can think of the past times that I used to accomplish
with my affectionate Brothers at home and it grieves
me very much to thinks of the Sufferings that we all have
to contend with at this present stage of live and to see
how we have to depart from each other never to
[page 2]
unite on this earth again when it would of
bin the greatest comfort of life to me in this
world if we all could of lived to Seen the war ended
and all returned home in honor to our selves and
consulted our Selves to each other as related Brothers
ought to One Brother and Sister have [imparting?] from
us Since this trouble have commensed and we none
can know which ones lot will be next and it looks
like that the trouble in each of our hearts have bin
Severe and of to be a great precautionary to us all
So that we all ought to try to abolish all evil as
much as possible for the future for we none no how
how Soon we may be called to die and moste [assurradly?]
we, related family we Scattered far a broad perhaps
never to reunite on this earth again I never new
what a parents or home was or what a comfort they
was untell Since I had to leave and have bin
exposed and troubled in mind So but I will assure
you that I am really converted on the occasions now
I would willingly give what I possess for to be
restored back home with the privilidges that consumed
five years ago I would be willing to have peace
upon any terms almoste for its all moste death for
[page 3]
me to have to be confined here anyway and
if I should be Spared to See the war ended I
dont know that my term of Service will ever be any
honor to me and it looks like Subjugation
are Stairing us very plain at this present time and
otherwise Starvation and -----------------------------[1]
& I want you to write to Brother John to be
detailed in a Hospital Some wheres if he can
as I no it will take him from agreat deal
of exposures and hardships and you can
write him where I am and that my post office
is at Savannah Ga. Rosedew Island
I would not be much Surprised if our Co..
didnt have to go out there this Spring to our
Regt ,,O,, if I could only be at home
& at peace what great enjoyment it would
be to me but in the room of that I am confined
under the titest bondge that I have yet ever
experienced I believe the confederacy constitutes
the hardest laws of any other nation I
have ever read of &c &c
[page 4]
The day is growing late and its very
cold and I shall have to Close
So give my best love to all the family and
also the neighboring friendly & reserve
an equalportion your self

I remain Your affectionate
Brother till death

Furniaful George

Tell Daniel &
Richard to Be
Smart & conduct
them selves from all
inequities & also Mily
F George

  1. two and one half lines inked over
February 7, 1864


Company A, 29 GA Infantry
Corporal [rank in], Sergeant [rank out]


Sister of Furniaful George


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Rosedew Island, near Savannah, GA


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Adam Lockwood
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June, 2011
Michael Ellis

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