January 22 1863
Camp near Fredrickesburg
Dear wife I take this present
opportunity of riting you a few lines
to let you no that I am Stil
living though not well at this
time though I think that I am
improveing alittle at this time
I hope when these few lines reaches
you they will find you well
and harty I have nothing of
grate importance to rite at
this time moer then we are here
in camp clost to the Rapahanock
river whare we can se the yankes
most evry day and we have bin orderd
to north Carolina though I dont no if
we will go or not they Say we
will have afight be fore we leve here
and then we dont no if we will go
then or not our fair is hard here for
we dont get as mutch to eat as we want
and we have to ly on the Cold wet ground
by a smokey fiar I would give all I have
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Go to the 11th redgment [1]
at willmengton to Compeney 
A if you can 

I Sent Sixty dollars
in money and one pair of shoes
by Free gonas to you and if you
have not got it yet I want you
to be sirtin to go and get it as
soon as you can and dont let evey
body no that you have got the mony
on hand and if you need any thing
to live on you by it and be Carful
and save your money for I dont think
that I Can send you any moer money
soon agane and I want to no if
you have spent all that money
that I sent you the first time I
want you take good car of child and
rate it as good as you can and if I never se
you agane I hope that I will meet you in pease
whare their will be no separation and I want
you to pray that we may meete their I will
Close by Saying fair well til I se you

  1. it is uncertain to whom this part of the letter is directed or if it is in the same hand as the rest of the letter
January 22, 1863


Name Variant: 
Company C, 16th NC Infantry


Wife of Daniel Abernathy


From State: 
From Municipality: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To Municipality: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Gemma Bellhouse
Transcription Date: 
July, 2010
Proof Date: 

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