Title Given Family Unitsort descending Rank
Margaret Darst Margaret Darst
John Marker John Marker
Elizabeth Sheeders Elizabeth Sheeders
Francis M. Blair Francis Blair
William Lewis William Lewis
Thomas V. Rogers Thomas Rogers
Margaret Harden Margaret Harden
Samuel McKay Samuel McKay
Lydia Jane Wright Lydia Wright
Asa Ribelin Asa Ribelin
Prevey Roberson Prevey Roberson
Eudora Hobbs Eudora Hobbs
Mary Milledge Diltz Mary Diltz
Richard Anderson Richard Anderson
Julia A. Camp Julia Camp
A Cousin and H. Webber
Sarah Jane Honnoll Sarah Honnoll
Mollie Taylor Mollie Taylor
Aaron Payne Aaron Payne
George D. Hodges George Hodges
Martha Hunter Martha Hunter
Riley Jasper Amerson Riley Amerson
Martha Hendley Poteet Martha Poteet
Wallace Holcomb Wallace Holcomb
Adaline Zimmerman Adaline Zimmerman

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