Title Given Family Unit Ranksort ascending
James A. McMurtrey James McMurtrey Company B, 9 GA Infantry Wagoner
John H. Black John Black Unknown Unknown
George Lenard George Lenard Unknown Unknown
Lucinda M. Ellis Lucinda Ellis unknown unknown
M. E. Walton M. Walton Uknown Unknown
B. L. Catlett B. Catlett unknown unknown
Ebenezer B. Coggin Ebenezer Coggin Co. H, 47th Alabama Infantry Third Corporal, Senior Second Lieutenant
Hugh L Honnoll Hugh Honnoll Co. D, 24th Mississippi Infantry Sergeants
James S. Miller James Miller Battery B, 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery sergeant; first sergeant
William Hagerson William Hagerson Co. D, 62nd Pennsylvania Infantry sergeant; first sergeant
Jason Hurd Jason Hurd Co. G, 19th Ohio Infantry sergeant; 1st lieutenant
David H. Sherrill David Sherrill Co. K, 5th North Carolina Cavalry (63rd Regiment State Troops) Sergeant, later Private
Phillip A. James Phillip James Co D, 52nd North Carolina Infantry Sergeant, later Lieutenant
Wesley P. Pardue Wesley Pardue Co. H, 26th Mississippi Infantry Sergeant (later Lieutenant)
Henry S. Hunter Henry Hunter Co. B, 15th Mississippi Infantry Sergeant (later Corporal)
Ephraim Hampton Ephraim Hampton Co. C, 45th Virginia Infantry and Co. G, 63rd Virginia Infantry Sergeant (later 2nd Lieutenant)
Isaac Lefevers Isaac Lefevers Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry Sergeant
Jonas Bradshaw Jonas Bradshaw Company G, 38th NC Infantry ["Rocky Face Rangers"] Sergeant
George D. Bush George Bush Co. G, 33rd Alabama Infantry Sergeant
Oliver C. Morgan Oliver Morgan Co. D, 6 th NC Cav. Sergeant
Green B. Woody Green Woody Co. C, 58th North Carolina Infantry Sergeant
William A. E. Roberts William Roberts Co. K, 50th North Carolina Infantry Sergeant
Jacob E. Patton Jacob Patton Co. F, 14th North Carolina Infantry Sergeant
Young J. Culbertson Jr. Young Culbertson Co. C, 3rd South Carolina Infantry Sergeant
Edward D. Fennell Edward Fennell Company K, 5 GA Cavalry Sergeant

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