Title Givensort ascending Family Unit Rank
Thomas Brown Jr. Thomas Brown Company F, 13th Battalion NC Light Artillery Private
Thomas Butner Thomas Butner
Thomas Walters Thomas Walters Co. A, 51st North Carolina Infantry Private
Thomas J. Gentle Thomas Gentle
Thomas Inglet Thomas Inglet Company C, 28 GA Infantry Private; Corporal
Thomas Tucker Thomas Tucker Co. C, 29th Alabama Infantry
Thomas Harris Thomas Harris
Thomas Brotherton Thomas Brotherton
Thomas M. Parker Thomas Parker
Thomas C. Wester Thomas Wester Co. B, 13th North Carolina Infantry Private; later sergeant
Thomas M. Covert Thomas Covert Co. A, 6th Ohio Cavalry saddler; quartermaster sergeant
Thomas Griffin Thomas Griffin 34th North Carolina Infantry(?)
Thomas Walsh Thomas Walsh
Thomas B. Litten Thomas Litten Co. K, 5th North Carolina Cavalry (63rd Regiment State Troops) Private
Thomas Griffin Thomas Griffin 34th North Carolina Infantry(?)
Thomas Lacompte Thomas Lacompte Co. G, 26th Pennsylvania Infantry
Thomas J. Wiley Thomas Wiley Company E, 42 GA Infantry Private
Thomas H. Everett Thomas Everett Company K, 11 GA Infantry Private
Thomas Hiram Culbertson Thomas Culbertson Company C, 3rd Battalion South Carolina Infantry (Lauren's) (James') Private
Thomas J. C. Harmon Thomas Harmon Co. I, 40th Mississippi Infantry
Thomas Elliott McMackin Thomas McMackin Co. D, 24th Mississippi Infantry
Thomas Matthias Thomas Matthias
Thomas A. Woodham Thomas Woodham Company E, 31 GA Infantry Private
Thomas B. Litton Thomas Litton
Thomas H. Brann Thomas Brann

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